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Resources for Birth Parents

Choosing to place a baby for adoption is not giving up. Adoption is a courageous choice.

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Resources for Birth Parents

Navigating the Adoption Process

Adoption is an entirely selfless choice for a Birth Parent to make. In this situation, a parent is putting their child’s needs over their own, which can have significant psychological repercussions. The pain and emotion do not end once the adoption process is complete. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to help Birth Parents through these tough times. Over the last 30 years, Virginia has limited her practice to the sole focus of Adoption and Surrogacy Law. In addition to creating an adoption plan suited to your needs, Virginia Frank can provide support through licensed social workers, counselors, and Colorado, Oklahoma, and/or New York adoption specialists as well as a network of adoption professionals across the U.S.

Continue reading for information and resources we have compiled specifically for birth parents.

Information & Resources for Birth Parents

An unplanned pregnancy will change your life, but planning for adoption may offer your child a chance at a life with a family that is prepared to raise a child and you an opportunity to take control of your situation. Make the right choice by educating yourself on adoption and how this process affects Birth Parents.

Review the following resources to learn more about adoption as it affects Birth Parents:

Birth Mother FAQ

A comprehensive list of questions and answers about adoption, from the perspective of the birth mother. Get answers to your most pressing concerns.

Birth Parents Right to Counsel

A national survey on a parent’s right to counsel in parental rights cases, on a state by state basis.

Colorado Department of Human Services (DHS): Adoption

A link to the official website of the Colorado DHS, focusing specifically on adoption, what it is, and how the process works.

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