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10 Gifts To Give The Birth Mother

By: Lisa Johnson

Published On: Jun 15, 2018

10 Gifts To Give The Birth Mother

10 Gifts To Give The Birth Mother (during the pregnancy process)

The birth mother, a loving and selfless person, is the reason the triad of adoption exists. Without the birth mother, there would be no adoptee, and no adoptive parents. The significance of the choice of the birth mother to relinquish her rights is a gift to those adoptive parents and to their future child. My clients are always asking me what gifts are appropriate to give a birth mother.  While I do not endorse any gift in particular, here are 10 ideas that might be great choices if you are wishing to give a little something to say Thank You.

1. Picture Frame: a picture frame expresses a personal, sentimental, and special gift that any birth mother would love.

Find a picture-perfect frame HERE.

2. Sterling Silver Adoption Heart Necklace: the word love and adoption can be interpreted synonymously, especially when giving this beautiful necklace of the adoption triad to the birth mother.

Find this beautiful Adoption Heart Necklace HERE.

3. Sweet and Savory Gift Basket: gifts galore! From sweet to the salty, the birth mother will enjoy this scrumptious basket.

Find a sweet and savory gift basket HERE.

4. Birth Mother Journal: detailing and expressing her emotions, the Birth Mother journal is a great gift to give to express your compassion and understanding with the adoption process.

Find a birth mother journal HERE.

5. Spa Gift Set: the Birth Mother, enduring more than emotional hardship, deals with physical pain and stress every day. The Spa Gift Set will help all needs, mentally and physically.

Find a spa gift set HERE.

6. Flower bouquet: an expression of endearment, a flower bouquet is a great gift to give for the Birth Mother to show the symbol of strength that she is.

Order a flower bouquet HERE.

7. Shutterfly membership (to view photos of the child): a Shutterfly membership may be all the Birth Mother wants – to keep in contact with the child she placed for adoption.

Sign up for Shutterfly membership HERE.

8. Candle Aromatherapy Set: a relaxing gift for the Birth Mother, this Candle Aromatherapy Set is a way to say thank you and to let her know that you understand that relaxation is of the utmost importance during the adoption process.

Find a candle aromatherapy set HERE.

9. Back Support Belt: the Back Support Belt is a one to give support to the Birth Mother – literally!

Order a back support belt HERE.

10. Second Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box: this one of a kind gift box is not only a token of appreciation for the birth mother but also a helping hand for her during her pregnancy!

Order a second trimester pregnancy gift box HERE.

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