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10 Things Adoptive Parents Should Know

By: Cairs Admin

Published On: Mar 15, 2018

10 Things Adoptive Parents Should Know

Adoption is a rewarding journey – it’s challenging, requires teamwork, and is a truly life-changing experience.  These 10 things are important to look over, process, and assess before choosing to adopt. If you feel the time is right and you are fully prepared, you should start the process with Virginia L. Frank, P.C. 

1. Remember that adoption is a journey, not a destination.

2. Adoption encompasses three parts: the Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Adoptee.

3. Preparation work is not only a necessary part of adoption but it’s also key to a healthy adoption. (See more on Core Training)

4. Learning the most you can about adoption will make parenting a breeze. These books (hyperlink to books page) will help you in every way possible.

5. You have the ability to connect with your future child on the deepest level. It is up to you to share their happiness as well as unhappiness and other similar emotions.

6. Your relationship with the birth parents is not over at relinquishment.

7. Adoptees do grow up and will want to know information about their birth parents. Acceptance and understanding will maintain a close, strong relationship between you and your child.

8. Adoption can be expensive. If you are stressed about this, know there any many ways to fund adoption.

9. Adoption and commitment are two words used interchangeably. Time, without distractions, to be there with your child is vital.

10. Talk about all of your fears and emotions with your partner. Communication with will make a healthy adoption.

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