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Become a Gestational Carrier in Nevada

By: Virginia Frank

Published On: Dec 11, 2019

Become a Gestational Carrier in Nevada

The terms “surrogacy” and “gestational carrier” are often interwoven and used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. For women who want to become a gestational carrier, this is an important distinction to take into consideration. Especially before beginning the process. Having a firm grasp on which agreement you are entering into is necessary, and you will be asked detailed questions during the screening process. Put simply, a surrogate is a woman who donates her eggs, carries the baby and shares a genetic link to the child. A gestational carrier, on the other hand, has no biological connection to the baby, as she is implanted with eggs and sperm of the intended parents through in vitro-fertilization (IVF).Every woman has their own reasons for why they want to become a gestational carrier. Yet, the bottom line is that they want to help other parents build a family they couldn’t otherwise have. For those seeking to become a gestational carrier in Nevada, Virginia Frank is here to help. We will walk you through some of the requirements and qualifications, and how you can get started on your journey today.

Requirements of a Gestational Carrier

The state of Nevada has some specific requirements for women wanting to become gestational carriers. Always be sure to double check with your doctor and fertility clinic for any additional details.To become a gestational carrier in Nevada, you are required to:

  • Have no known history with infertility, STIs or other serious health conditions
  • Be free of complications regarding birth or pregnancy
  • Have or maintain a BMI or no greater than 32
  • Pass a criminal background check and psychological evaluation
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Be financially stable
  • Have health insurance that covers maternity and childbirth and life insurance should life-threatening complications occur (i.e. state or federal insurance like Medicare is strictly prohibited)
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 39
  • Have no history of smoking, drug or alcohol abuse
  • Live in a surrogacy-friendly state or country

Qualifications for a Gestational Carrier

Specific qualifications for becoming a gestational carrier can differ per fertility clinic, so always be sure to double check with your doctor and clinic for any variations. The following listed here are some generally known ones.To qualify as a gestational carrier, you must:

  • Already have children or already be raising them
  • Have no new tattoos, piercings or blood transfusions within the past twelve months
  • Be finished building your own family
  • Have a flexible schedule, and be able to get to and from doctor’s appointments without issue (i.e. have a reliable plan for daycare)
  • Understand that bed rest may be involved, and have a plan for reliable childcare, especially with insemination or embryo transfer
  • Be willing to establish and maintain open communication between herself, the intended parents and mediator (if applicable)
  • Have the full support of their partner, spouse, friends and family
  • Know that pregnancy is not guaranteed and to abstain from sexual intercourse with her partner until pregnancy is either established or not
  • Be completely willing to follow through on the entirety of the treatments

Become a Gestational Carrier in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, there are no statutes prohibiting gestational surrogacy, making it a surrogacy-friendly place to live. Women who wish to become a gestational carrier in Nevada, can take full advantage of this by agreeing to live and give birth in the state. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s within the state lines. Intended parents can live anywhere in the United States, allowing them the opportunity to match from a non-surrogacy-friendly location.

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