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Reasons to Become a Gestational Carrier

By: Virginia Frank

Published On: Jan 01, 2020

Reasons to Become a Gestational Carrier

Choosing to become a gestational carrier is a very personal journey. Each and every woman who embarks into the adventure of surrogacy has special reasons for doing so. Yet, deep down, there’s a common goal. No, it’s not the money. If the sole motivation was monetary, becoming a gestational carrier wouldn’t be the best option. Especially with what your body experiences throughout the process. The hormone treatments, pregnancy, birth and delivery. That’s a lot to do for just a paycheck. It has to be more than that.

A great reason to become a gestational carrier is because you want to give back. You want to help others become parents, and give them a family of their own. Help their dreams become realized.

Love Being Pregnant

Some women adore being pregnant. The idea fascinates them, and they enjoy feeling the baby move around as he or she develops. They love the glow that accompanies pregnancy as well. Even despite the inevitable stretch marks and potential morning sickness. Being pregnant is a joy-filled and wonderful experience.

This is particularly true for women who have already had children. There’s still that longing to carry. To experience the miracle of pregnancy and birth, without having an added member of her family. Thus, the thought of becoming a gestational carrier provides a perfect reason. The best of both worlds. If this sounds like you, be sure to talk with your doctor and fertility clinic about your options. Consult with your partner or spouse as well.

Wants to Help Parents Build a Family

An assumption is that gestational carriers are largely used to help LGBT couples and individuals have a family. While part of this is true, it isn’t the whole story. If you have a heart to help LGBT parents build a family, that’s a great reason to become a gestational carrier. However, the scope of gestational carriers go beyond that.

Becoming a gestational carrier means that you have the ability to help any intended parents build a family. Gay or straight. It doesn’t matter. A large motivation behind carrying and delivering the child of the intended parents is to help them have a family that they couldn’t otherwise have. Whether that’s because of a medical or health reason or other fertility complications.

Friends/Family Struggling with Infertility

Watching our loved ones struggle through life’s trials and tribulations can be as heart wrenching as it can be inspiring. For instance, seeing one of your siblings struggle with infertility issues can tear at your heartstrings and make you wish there was someway to help. Perhaps you know of someone else who longs to be a mother, but who has a medical condition that would make it life-threatening for either her or the baby. All you want to do is ease their pain.

Fortunately, surrogacy provides this option. Through becoming a gestational carrier, you have an amazing opportunity to be there for your friends, family and others who want to have a family of their own.

Giving the Gift of Life

There are so many reasons for choosing to become a gestational carrier. Perhaps the best reason, though, is having the deep desire to give the gift of life. Because you want to bless someone else with a baby. A family. A future. A dream come true.

What’s more, you feel chosen. Like being a gestational carrier is a calling. You love children with all your heart, and you feel the aches of all the would-be mothers who long to have children of their own.

Reasons to Become a Gestational Carrier

Again, choosing to become a gestational carrier is a personal journey. No one can pressure you into it, and it isn’t something for you to choose lightly. It’s a very selfless and involved choice, as it will impact you and the intended parents for the rest of your life. However, many women say it’s one of the best decisions they ever made. Seeing the looks on the intended parents’ faces, and being able to connect and establish a relationship with them throughout the process made everything worth it.If any of the above grabbed your attention, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you begin your journey.

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