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“Whose Knees are These?” Book Review

By: Virginia Frank

Published On: Jul 19, 2018

“Whose Knees are These?” Book Review

Jabari Asim’s book, “Whose Knees are These?” is a brief and brightly illustrated hardcover perfect for toddlers and other younger readers. All the pictures throughout the book use happy colors that promote fun, silliness and curiosity. It is written from a mother’s perspective, reading to her child as they sit on her lap.

The simple, free-flowing rhyme makes it easy to understand for little minds with short attention spans, and provides a level of cuteness and humor as well.

“I’ve searched the world and seven seas.

Never have I seen such charming knees.”

It offers a brilliant way to teach young kids about basic anatomy and to bring awareness to their growing bodies.

“Left knee, right knee, up a stair.

Right knee, left knee, such a mighty pair.”

The main character in the story has brown knees and is never named, promoting diversity, cultural awareness, and a sense of openness regarding the book’s audience.

If you are in search of a kid-oriented, family-friendly story time book for your young one — this is an excellent choice!

About the Author

Jabari Asim published “Whose Knees are These?” in 2006 for three of his five children: Nia, Jelani and Gyasi, who he refers to as “the junior members of the Asim team.” He, along with his five children and his wife, Liana, live in Boston, Massachusetts.

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