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Gestational Carrier Attorney

Supporting Gestational Surrogate rights through the Surrogacy process.

Virginia Frank Surrogate Attorney

Gestational Carrier Attorney

Helping Surrogates Navigate Colorado, Oklahoma, & New York Surrogacy Proceedings

As a Gestational Carrier (Surrogate), you probably have a lot of questions and concerns about your rights, what to expect during the surrogacy process, and how your interests can be protected.

Over the last 30 years, Virginia has limited her practice to the sole focus of Surrogacy and Adoption Law. She can help you navigate these complicated matters with professionalism, competence, and care.

Virginia has extensive experience with surrogacy and adoption and can help with the negotiation and preparation of necessary legal agreements, as well as represent your interests before, during, and after pregnancy.

Contact Virginia Frank today to find out more about services for Gestational Carriers.

Professional Counsel for Gestational Surrogates

When Virginia Frank represents Surrogates, she recognizes the fact that they are undertaking a physically and emotionally challenging journey. Our goal is to protect her legal interests and to provide all the support we can.

In any given case, our  surrogate lawyer will only represent one of the parties. Our office will help find competent legal counsel for the unrepresented party, as all parties to a Gestational Carrier Agreement need to have separate legal representation.

For more information and guidance, call contact us online.

Gestational Surrogate Requirements

Are you eligible to be a Surrogate?

  • Must live in the U.S. and be a U.S. citizen with valid identification and birth certificate
  • Are between the ages of 21 and 39
  • Have a Body Mass Index between 18-31
  • Not have any new tattoos, piercings, or blood transfusions within the last twelve months
  • Not have any mental health issues nor have been on medication for depression, bipolar disorder, nor other mental health issues
  • Not take illicit drugs or medications not prescribed
  • Not be taking any medication that may harm the pregnancy
  • Have had at least one healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy
  • Not have had postpartum depression after previous birth(s)
  • Must be actively parenting at least one child (there are certain exceptions to this)
  • Be a non-smoker, living in a non-smoking home, for at least one-year before completing our application
  • Are not alcohol dependent
  • Are healthy and free of sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Not be receiving any public assistance (including medicaid and food stamps)
  • Be willing to complete a background check and psychological evaluation
Surrogate Mother Requirements

If you meet these requirements, contact Virginia Frank today to find out more about becoming a Gestational Carrier.

Women who are considered for participation in our Surrogacy program must meet requirements to be a Surrogate

We understand that the requirements to become a Surrogate feel like a lot and can seem really strict. But please understand that we follow the guidelines set by fertility clinics and The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

We also use these Surrogate requirements as a starting point to get to know you. Our goal is always to ensure as successful and healthy of a journey as possible for everyone involved!

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