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Virginia Frank has helped several hundred Intended Parents fulfill their dreams of growing a family. “I know the surrogacy process can be complex and challenging, and that’s why I am here to help.” Over the last 30 years, Virginia has limited her practice to the sole focus of Surrogacy and Adoption Law.

She has worked with Intended Parents from all over the world. She has a worldwide network of lawyer and immigration support. She can help you get home and get registered in your own country.

With her knowledge and expertise, she can guide you through your entire Surrogacy journey from start to finish. She can protect your interests and facilitate a smooth, successful outcome.

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The Surrogacy Process for Intended Parents

As an Intended Parent, it is important to know what to expect so you have realistic expectations and can play your part in achieving your Surrogacy goals. My mission is to protect your interests as I lead you through the process. You can count on my unwavering support and personalized attention.

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How Does the International Surrogacy Process Work?

International surrogacy in the United States follows a process that is very similar to domestic surrogacy. The international surrogacy process consists of the following steps:

Initial Meeting with a Surrogacy Agency

You will meet with a Surrogacy agency of your choice and discuss your options, what the Surrogacy process entails, the cost of a Surrogate, and any other additional questions you might have as you move forward.

Screen and Match with a Surrogate

During this part of the process, you will be presented with potential Surrogates based on your requirements. Once you have chosen a Surrogate, the Surrogate will then get access to your profile to decide if she would like to approve you. If there is a match, then a meeting is scheduled.

Consult with a Surrogacy Lawyer

At this point of the process, you will want to seek out a Surrogacy Attorney to assist you with details, such as compensating the Surrogate Mother, purchasing health insurance for your baby, and ensuring the Surrogate other passes both a criminal and a medical background check. The Attorney will also draft an agreement and go over insurance options and advise on escrow agents.

Fertility Treatment and Embryo Transfer for the Mother

The Surrogate Mother will undergo a four-to six-week fertility treatment to prep her body for an embryo transfer.

Pregnancy and Paternity Establishment

Once the Surrogate gets pregnant, she will work with an OB/GYN for all her prenatal care. Around 24 weeks, the parental rights of the child will be established.

Birth Certificate and Passport

Your Surrogacy Attorney can assist you with your new child’s birth certificate, passport, and Social Security information, and help you get home and get registered in your own country.

Domestic Surrogacy Lawyers for Colorado, Oklahoma, and New York

Colorado, Oklahoma, and New York, like each U.S. state each have their own Surrogacy laws and timeframes.

In Colorado, once matched with a Gestational Carrier, you will want to contact a Surrogacy Attorney to assist in drafting or reviewing your Gestational Carrier Agreement. Once the agreement is signed by all parties, legal clearance will be issued and transfer can begin. Once the Gestational Carrier is 20 weeks pregnant, the parentage process begins.

In New York’s surrogacy process, after the Gestational Carrier Agreement is signed by all parties, you can start the medical transfer process. New York statute governing surrogacy recently went into effect in the State of New York and is available for New York residents.

Oklahoma follows the Oklahoma Gestational Agreement Act. According to this legislation, transfer cannot take place until a Validation Order is signed by a Judge. Your Surrogacy Attorney will draft your Gestational Carrier Agreement along with drafting your parentage documents. The agreement and parentage documents will then be filed together for a Judge to review and sign. Once signed, the transfer process can begin. After the birth of the child, your Attorney will obtain all finalized documents for the case and obtain the birth certificate with the Intended Parents name listed.

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